Hi, I'm Emma Ågård. A 90's baby (1994) who grew up in the outskirts of Copenhagen. As the youngest of three siblings raised by a single mom, getting a word entered around the dinner table wasn't always an easy task throughout my childhood. Especially when you have a natural inclination to observe your surroundings in silence. Luckily, I quickly discovered my preferred form of expression wasn't through words. Instead I thrived emerging in my own little world, communicating my thoughts, observations and ideas by putting them onto paper and into reality.


I spent my school years scribbling in my notebook. My mind produced new ideas at the speed of light and drawing and painting served as a much needed outlet. Sadly, when entering my late teen years the intuitive, playlike approach to art was slowly replaced by paralyzing perfectionism, which would hold me in an iron grib for nearly a decade. In other words: Art block had entered the chat. In 2016 I wrote in my diary: “I want to create art so badly, but why can't I do anything? I constantly try to find my spark again - but without luck”. My mental health became gradually worse and after groping for the wall like the blind, dropping in and out of different studies, I knew I had to make a radical change.

In 2018, I applied and got into the Danish School of Media and Journalism to study TV- and Media Production. In a lot of ways it made sense. Living images. Storytelling. Creative expression. Everything I could wish for, though one important thing was still missing - the ongoing inability to draw and paint. Same year I wrote in my diary once again: “What's wrong with me? Why do I lack discipline? Why can’t I just fucking paint?"


A year before finishing school, in 2021, I decided to take my mental health seriously. I saw a psychiatrist and after a while I was diagnosed with ADHD. A little surprised, but mostly relieved. I was finally handed some much needed answers. Being a perfectionist with ADHD might be the direct path to a downfall. And before I cracked the code, I was on a yearlong downwards spiral. But as they say, a breakdown is the beginning of a breakthrough. I'm now parting ways with my former perfectionistic self - reconnecting to the more childish and playlike approach to art. I'm still a work in progress, but now I finally have the courage and ability to share my story and creativity with the world. Made possible by combining my educational skills within video production with my life-long passion for art. Now that's full circle to me. 

I'd like to thank you from the deepest corner of my heart for reading along. Now, feel free to bounce around and explore my creative universe.